Dermatological Surgery 

Hair Transplantation

Before a hair transplant, an initial assessment is required, and it should be performed by physically examining the patient or, if that’s not possible, by evaluating clear, well-lit photos from various angles. The donor area, from which hair follicles will be extracted, is as important as the transplant area because the number of grafts that can be harvested is directly related to this area, which directly affects the outcome. After the initial assessment, the patient is informed about the procedure’s details and what to expect after the operation. Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, but in some cases, sedation may also be used. The transplanted hairs will start to shed a few weeks after the procedure and gradually begin to regrow over the course of 2-6 months. The final result of a hair transplant becomes apparent after about 1 year.

Mole Removal

Mole Removal: Moles can be present on our bodies from birth, and new moles can also develop throughout our lives. Some moles, called dysplastic moles, require more attention as they have an atypical appearance. During a dermatological examination, moles are examined with a dermatoscope, which is a kind of magnifying device, and if necessary, mole removal procedures are performed. Additionally, surgical mole removal can be done for cosmetic purposes. Before the procedure, the surgical area is marked with a pen, and after the mole removal is complete, the area is closed with stitches. After explaining the necessary precautions to the patient, they are sent home, and depending on the area from which the mole was removed, they are called back for a follow-up examination 1-2 weeks later at the healthcare center.

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is a specialized surgical field. In cases of ingrown nails, when necessary, nail extraction can be performed with or without antibiotic treatment. Since anesthesia is administered beforehand, the procedure is painless. The entire nail can be removed, or for more acceptable cosmetic results, the ingrown part of the nail can be extracted, followed by a special procedure in that area to prevent the nail from growing back. Nail surgery is also used for thinning the nail plate in cases of excessively thickened nails. Additionally, nail surgery may be necessary for diagnostic purposes, involving taking a sample from under the nail or the nail bed when there are changes in nail color.

Removal of Lipoma (Fatty Tumor)

Lipomas, typically found on the arms, legs, back, and in areas with hair, are benign lesions. They are usually diagnosed through examination and ultrasound. Before the procedure, the area is anesthetized, and a small incision is made to remove the lipoma from under the skin, somewhat like performing a cesarean section. Following the removal, the incision site is closed with stitches, and the patient is provided with post-operative care instructions before being sent home. Depending on the location of the procedure, the patient may be called for a follow-up appointment at a healthcare facility 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

Prominent Ear Correction (Otoplasty)

Before performing otoplasty, the patient is examined to understand their expectations and share the anticipated outcome of the procedure. Following this consultation, the treatment area is anesthetized, and a surgical incision is made. With the use of specialized threads for this procedure, the necessary adjustments are made to the ears, and the surgical area is closed with stitches. After applying the required creams and bandages, the patient is provided with post-operative care instructions, and a follow-up appointment is scheduled for 2-3 days later.

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